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The Oda Sweater

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The Oda Sweater

Regular price$444.00 Sale price
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With the Oda Sweater we will finish our trilogy of alpaca love with a little bit of heritage know how. The animal is a precious camelid, and believed to have been cross-bred between lamas and vicuñas about 6000 years ago. Its beautiful fibers were treasured by the ancient Andean civilisation, who reserved alpaca for Incan royalty. For the Inca civilization, alpaca had a higher value than both silver and gold. They are native to the Andes mountains of Peru, where they are still a main source of income.

Unlike Angora goats and sheep, alpacas are farmed in little flocks by families where they are treasured and nourished with love and respect – much like family members.
Our Italian yarn mill is part of the International Alpaca Association (AIA) in Peru, a non-profit organization that surveys ethical and responsible practices on the part of the farmers, industrial processors, garment makers, traders and craftspeople to promote environmental awareness and respect for the Andean ecosystem and the Earth.

In a world inundated with fast fashion, there is more than a need for heritage. Wool with a story … will never go out of style. Just like this Oda Sweater, an Oda Cardigan or a Ricarda Sweater … 


68% Baby Alpaca / 22% Silk / 10% mulesing-free Wool
100% Mindfully knitted in Italy

cropped baby alpaca pullover
exceptionally lightweight
raglan silhouette
crew neck
balloon sleeves
extended ribbed trims


machine wash


regular fit, slightly cropped
true to size
model is 178cm / 5'84'' wearing S


Cashmere is a love story. It starts in Mongolia’s
Gobi desert, where local herdsmen breed softies called
the Capra Hircus Laniger, the goats that produce the
world‘s fluffiest and most valuable cashmere fleece. The fleece is spun in Italy by Cariaggi Lanificio. With decades of experience and a heritage of acting responsibly and sustainably, Cariaggi is known as the most prestigious and trusted spinning mill in the world. The raw cashmere is hand-picked for utmost quality and treated by loving hands to a selection of exceptional yarns, lighter, softer and more luxurious than anything else.

Antonia Zander is an ode to mindful luxury. Since our beginnings some decades ago, it has been the company ethics – and practice – to worship the finest in yarns and fabrics – that cause the least damage to this planet. This wouldn’t be possible without our longstanding partners, all pulling together. With a shared mission: the highest standards of workers’ & animals’ rights, safety and environmental protection. You’re welcome anytime to ask us anything about the manufacturing process and the elements we use.

This piece is made of the finest in natural materials. Please treat it right and be demure when it comes to the instructions on the garment label – they're crucial for the lifetime of this beautiful luxury piece! Contrary to what you might have heard so far, it's ok to wash cashmere at home. Here's how to do it right.