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The Wally Dress

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The Wally Dress

Regular price€998,00 Sale price
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Why the fine cashmere garments are proportionately more expensive than the coarser knits is a question we are often asked. The yarn used to knit this dress is so wafer-thin that two threads woven together would be 60 km long if they weighed 1 kg... Try to imagine! To work such a fine yarn without it tearing or knotting takes an infinite amount of time and skill: The Wally Dress is made on a rare machine that knits with minimum 50 needles per 10 cm of length... to compare: our classic Alba manages with 5 needles of the same length... so you can understand that it's also knitted much faster!
We allowed ourselves this luxury to create this beautiful two-toned midi dress. Need to get 'dressed up'? Think no more, just slip it on and you're ready to go (though you might want to put on a pair of heels first). The bodice is in a lighter shade than the skirt which has a wide round neck and the skirt is fitted to give a slim silhouette. Off you go, confident you couldn't do better.


100% Cashmere
100% Mindfully knitted in Italy


midi  knit dress
cashmere fine knit
crew neck
long tight sleeves
ribbed waist



slim fit, true to size
calf length
elastic ribbed waistband
model is 177 cm / 5'97'', wearing S
size S: breast 94 cm/37", length 136 cm/53,5“


Cashmere is a love story. It starts in Mongolia’s
Gobi desert, where local herdsmen breed softies called
the Capra Hircus Laniger, the goats that produce the
world‘s fluffiest and most valuable cashmere fleece. The fleece is spun in Italy by Cariaggi Lanificio. With decades of experience and a heritage of acting responsibly and sustainably, Cariaggi is known as the most prestigious and trusted spinning mill in the world. The raw cashmere is hand-picked for utmost quality and treated by loving hands to a selection of exceptional yarns, lighter, softer and more luxurious than anything else.

Antonia Zander is an ode to mindful luxury. Since our beginnings some decades ago, it has been the company ethics – and practice – to worship the finest in yarns and fabrics – that cause the least damage to this planet. This wouldn’t be possible without our longstanding partners, all pulling together. With a shared mission: the highest standards of workers’ & animals’ rights, safety and environmental protection. You’re welcome anytime to ask us anything about the manufacturing process and the elements we use.

This piece is made of the finest in natural materials. Please treat it right and be demure when it comes to the instructions on the garment label – they're crucial for the lifetime of this beautiful luxury piece! Contrary to what you might have heard so far, it's ok to wash cashmere at home. Here's how to do it right.